comments in abap

How to Use Comments in ABAP

In ABAP, comments are used to add explanatory notes or documentation to the code. They are ignored by the compiler and do not affect the execution of the program. There are two types of comments in ABAP: line comments and block comments.

Line Comments: Line comments start with an asterisk (*) in column 1 and continue until the end of the line. They are used to add comments to a single line of code. Here's an example:

* This is a line comment
WRITE 'Hello, World!'. " This is another line comment

Block Comments: Block comments are used to add comments to multiple lines of code. They start with ", and end with " on a separate line. Here's an example:

* This is a block comment
* It can span multiple lines
WRITE 'Hello, World!'.

It's important to note that comments are not executed by the ABAP runtime environment and are purely for documentation purposes. They can be used to explain the purpose of the code, provide instructions, or make notes for future reference.