read pdf web on android

To read a PDF file on an Android device using ActionScript, you can use the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK. Here is an example code snippet that demonstrates how to accomplish this:

// Import the necessary classes
import com.adobe.reader.ASFile;
import com.adobe.reader.ARFileBrowser;
import com.adobe.reader.ARReaderControl;

// Create an instance of the ARReaderControl class
var readerControl:ARReaderControl = new ARReaderControl();

// Create a file browser instance
var fileBrowser:ARFileBrowser = new ARFileBrowser();

// Set the file filter to PDF files only
fileBrowser.filter = ARFileBrowser.FILTER_PDF;

// Open the file browser {
  // Load the selected PDF file;

This code sets up a file browser that allows the user to select a PDF file. Once a file is selected, it is loaded into the readerControl instance using the open method. From there, you can use the readerControl instance to interact with the PDF file, such as displaying its content on the screen or extracting data from it.

Please note that you will need to have the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK integrated into your ActionScript project in order to use the classes mentioned in the code snippet. Additionally, make sure to handle any necessary permissions and user interface components for file selection on Android.

I hope this code snippet helps you with reading PDF files on Android using ActionScript!