access mongodb running in docker

To access MongoDB running in a Docker container using ActionScript, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install the required ActionScript libraries: actionscript import com.mongodb.MongoClient; import com.mongodb.MongoCredential; import com.mongodb.ServerAddress; import com.mongodb.client.MongoDatabase;

  2. Create a MongoClient instance to connect to the MongoDB server: actionscript var serverAddress:ServerAddress = new ServerAddress("localhost", 27017); var credentials:MongoCredential = MongoCredential.createCredential("username", "database", "password".toCharArray()); var mongoClient:MongoClient = new MongoClient(serverAddress, Arrays.asList(credentials));

Replace "username" with your MongoDB username, "database" with the name of your database, and "password" with your MongoDB password.

  1. Access the desired MongoDB database: actionscript var database:MongoDatabase = mongoClient.getDatabase("database");

Replace "database" with the name of the database you want to access.

  1. Perform database operations: actionscript // Example: Insert a document into a collection var collection:MongoCollection = database.getCollection("collection"); var document:Document = new Document(); document.put("key", "value"); collection.insertOne(document);

Replace "collection" with the name of the collection you want to work with. You can perform various operations like insert, update, delete, and query using the appropriate methods provided by the MongoDB driver for ActionScript.

  1. Close the MongoClient connection when you're done: actionscript mongoClient.close();

These steps should allow you to access MongoDB running in a Docker container using ActionScript. Make sure you have the necessary MongoDB libraries and dependencies installed in your project.