mass transit logging to seq

To perform mass transit logging to Seq in ActionScript, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install the Seq client library for ActionScript. You can find the library and installation instructions on the Seq website or the official ActionScript package manager.

  2. Import the Seq client library into your ActionScript project.

  3. Configure the Seq client with the appropriate connection details, such as the Seq server URL and API key. This information will allow your application to send log events to Seq.

  4. Use the Seq client library to create log events and send them to Seq. You can include various log data, such as log messages, log levels, and additional properties.

Here's an example of how you can use the Seq client library in ActionScript to send log events to Seq:

import com.yourlibrary.SeqClient;

// Configure the Seq client
var seqClient:SeqClient = new SeqClient("http://your-seq-server-url", "your-api-key");

// Create a log event
var logEvent:Object = {
  message: "This is a log message",
  level: "Information",
  properties: {
    key1: "value1",
    key2: "value2"

// Send the log event to Seq

Make sure to replace "http://your-seq-server-url" with the actual URL of your Seq server and "your-api-key" with your Seq API key.

Please note that the code example provided is a simplified representation and may need to be adapted to your specific ActionScript project and Seq configuration.