resize pdf file

To resize a PDF file using assembly language, you would typically need to use a programming language that supports PDF manipulation and provides assembly language integration. Assembly language itself is not commonly used for directly manipulating PDF files.

However, if you still want to work with assembly language, you can use a library or tool that provides assembly language bindings for PDF manipulation. One such tool is the "PDFtk Server" command-line tool, which supports various PDF operations, including resizing.

Here's an example of how you can use PDFtk Server to resize a PDF file using assembly language:

  1. Install PDFtk Server on your system.
  2. Use the assembly language to execute the following command:
pdftk input.pdf output output_resized.pdf scale <scale_percentage>

Replace input.pdf with the path to your original PDF file, output_resized.pdf with the desired output file name, and <scale_percentage> with the percentage by which you want to resize the PDF (e.g., 50 for 50% reduction in size).

Please note that this example assumes you have PDFtk Server installed and available in your system's PATH. Additionally, the specific assembly language syntax and commands may vary depending on the platform and assembler you are using.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.