iterate over tqdm range

To iterate over a tqdm range in Assembly language, you would need to use a loop construct. Here's an example of how you can achieve this:

mov ecx, 10 ; Set the number of iterations
mov eax, 0 ; Initialize the counter

    ; Your code here
    ; This is the code that will be executed in each iteration

    add eax, 1 ; Increment the counter

    cmp eax, ecx ; Compare the counter with the number of iterations
    jl loop_start ; Jump back to the loop_start label if the counter is less than the number of iterations

    ; Code to be executed after the loop ends

In this example, the loop starts at the loop_start label and continues until the counter (eax) reaches the number of iterations (ecx). Inside the loop, you can place the code that you want to execute in each iteration. After the loop ends, you can place any code that you want to execute after the loop at the loop_end label.

Please note that the specific syntax and instructions may vary depending on the assembly language you are using. The example provided assumes x86 assembly syntax.