sort in assembly pcspim

To sort in assembly using PCSpim, you can use various sorting algorithms such as bubble sort, insertion sort, or selection sort. Here's an example of how to implement bubble sort in assembly using PCSpim:

array: .word 5, 2, 8, 1, 9, 3, 7, 4, 6   # An example array to be sorted
size: .word 9                           # The size of the array

.globl main
    la $t0, array       # Load the base address of the array into $t0
    lw $t1, size        # Load the size of the array into $t1

    li $t2, 1           # Set a flag to indicate if any swaps were made
    li $t3, 0           # Initialize the outer loop counter

    addi $t3, $t3, 1    # Increment the outer loop counter
    li $t2, 0           # Reset the flag for this iteration

    li $t4, 0           # Initialize the inner loop counter

    addi $t4, $t4, 1    # Increment the inner loop counter

    lw $t5, 0($t0)      # Load the current element
    lw $t6, 4($t0)      # Load the next element

    ble $t5, $t6, no_swap   # If the current element is smaller or equal, no swap is needed

    sw $t6, 0($t0)      # Swap the elements
    sw $t5, 4($t0)

    li $t2, 1           # Set the flag to indicate a swap was made

    addi $t0, $t0, 4    # Move to the next pair of elements
    blt $t4, $t1, inner_loop   # Continue the inner loop if not all elements have been compared

    beqz $t2, outer_loop   # If no swaps were made in the inner loop, the array is sorted

    j outer_loop        # Otherwise, continue the outer loop

    li $v0, 10          # Exit the program

Please note that this is just an example of bubble sort in assembly using PCSpim. You can modify it or use a different sorting algorithm based on your specific requirements.