sqlalchemy filter date today

To filter a date in SQLAlchemy for today, you can use the func module from SQLAlchemy's sql package along with the datetime module. Here's an example of how you can do it:

from datetime import datetime
from sqlalchemy import func

today = datetime.now().date()
query = session.query(Table).filter(func.date(Table.date_column) == today).all()

In the above code: - datetime.now().date() retrieves the current date. - func.date(Table.date_column) extracts the date part from the date_column in the Table model. - func.date(Table.date_column) == today compares the extracted date with today's date. - query = session.query(Table).filter(func.date(Table.date_column) == today).all() performs the query and retrieves all the rows where the date matches today.

Note: You need to replace Table with the actual name of your table and date_column with the actual name of your date column. Also, ensure you have a valid SQLAlchemy session (session) established before running the query.