django template url with parameter

To pass parameters in a Django template URL, you can use the {% url %} template tag along with the parameter values. The syntax for passing parameters is as follows:

{% url 'url_name' parameter_name=parameter_value %}

Here, 'url_name' refers to the name of the URL pattern defined in your Django file. parameter_name is the name of the parameter defined in the URL pattern, and parameter_value is the value you want to pass for that parameter.

For example, let's say you have a URL pattern defined in your file like this:

path('user/<int:user_id>/', views.user_detail, name='user_detail')

To pass the user_id parameter in a template, you can use the following code:

{% url 'user_detail' user_id=123 %}

This will generate the URL /user/123/ when the template is rendered.

You can also pass multiple parameters in the same URL tag, like this:

{% url 'user_detail' user_id=123 profile=1 %}

This will generate the URL /user/123/?profile=1.

Note that if you have optional parameters in your URL pattern, you can omit them in the URL tag if you don't want to pass values for them.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.