Generate random strings only with uppercase letters and digits in Python

To generate random strings consisting only of uppercase letters and digits in Python, you can use the random module along with the string module. Here's an example code snippet:

import random
import string

def generate_random_string(length):
    characters = string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits
    random_string = ''.join(random.choice(characters) for _ in range(length))
    return random_string

# Example usage
random_string = generate_random_string(10)

This code defines a function generate_random_string that takes a length parameter indicating the desired length of the random string. It creates a string of all uppercase letters and digits using the string.ascii_uppercase and string.digits constants. Then, it uses a list comprehension with random.choice to randomly select characters from the characters string and join them together to form the random string.

You can call the generate_random_string function with the desired length and store the result in a variable, as shown in the example usage. Finally, you can print the random string to see the output.

This code will generate a random string consisting only of uppercase letters and digits, with a length of 10 characters in the example. You can adjust the length parameter to generate strings of different lengths.