how to use bulma in gatsby

To use Bulma in Gatsby, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install Bulma: Open your command line interface and navigate to your Gatsby project directory. Then, run the following command to install Bulma via npm:

npm install bulma

  1. Import Bulma: Open your Gatsby project and find the file where you want to use Bulma. At the top of the file, import the Bulma CSS by adding the following line:

jsx import 'bulma/css/bulma.min.css'

  1. Use Bulma classes: Now you can start using Bulma classes in your HTML or JSX elements. Bulma provides a wide range of utility classes for styling elements. You can refer to the Bulma documentation for a comprehensive list of available classes and their usage.

  2. Customize Bulma (optional): If you want to customize the default Bulma styles, you can create your own Sass file and import it after importing Bulma's CSS. This way, you can override the default Bulma styles with your custom styles.

That's it! You have now integrated Bulma into your Gatsby project. You can start using Bulma's classes to style your components and create a visually appealing website. Remember to import the Bulma CSS file in every component where you want to use Bulma classes.