progressBars bulma -- thickness

Bulma Progress Bars Thickness

To adjust the thickness of progress bars in Bulma, you can use the is-small, is-medium, or is-large classes. These classes can be added to the <progress> element to change the thickness of the progress bar.

Here's an example of how you can use these classes:

<progress class="progress is-small" value="30" max="100">30%</progress>
<progress class="progress is-medium" value="50" max="100">50%</progress>
<progress class="progress is-large" value="70" max="100">70%</progress>

In the example above, the is-small class creates a thinner progress bar, the is-medium class creates a medium thickness progress bar, and the is-large class creates a thicker progress bar.

Please note that Bulma provides other classes and modifiers for customizing the appearance of progress bars. You can refer to the Bulma documentation for more information on additional options and customization possibilities.