cake php 2.x joins

To perform joins in CakePHP 2.x, you can use the join method provided by the Model class. The join method allows you to specify the join type, table name, and conditions for the join. Here's an example of how you can use it:

$this->Model->find('all', array(
    'joins' => array(
            'table' => 'another_table',
            'alias' => 'AnotherTable',
            'type' => 'INNER',
            'conditions' => array(
                ' = AnotherTable.model_id',

In the above example, Model is the name of the primary model you are querying. You can replace it with the appropriate model name in your application. 'another_table' should be replaced with the name of the table you want to join. 'AnotherTable' is an alias for the joined table, and you can choose any name for it.

The 'type' parameter specifies the type of join you want to perform. You can use 'INNER', 'LEFT', 'RIGHT', or other valid join types.

The 'conditions' parameter is an array of conditions that determine how the tables are joined. You can specify the conditions based on the fields in both tables.

By using the join method, you can perform joins between multiple tables in your CakePHP 2.x application.