cakephp 3 migrations foreign key

CakePHP 3 Migrations Foreign Key

To create a foreign key in CakePHP 3 migrations, you can use the addForeignKey method provided by the Table class. Here's an example of how to use it:

$table->addForeignKey('column_name', 'referenced_table', 'referenced_column', [
    'update' => 'CASCADE',
    'delete' => 'CASCADE'

In the above example, replace 'column_name' with the name of the column in the current table that will hold the foreign key value. Replace 'referenced_table' with the name of the table that the foreign key references, and replace 'referenced_column' with the name of the column in the referenced table.

The update and delete options specify the behavior when the referenced row is updated or deleted. In this example, 'CASCADE' is used to automatically update or delete the related rows.

Note: Make sure you have properly defined the relationships between your tables using CakePHP's association methods before adding the foreign key constraint.