cakephp 4 change layout view in a method

To change the layout view in a method using CakePHP 4, you can use the setLayout() method. Here's an example of how you can do this:

public function myMethod()
    // Set the layout view to 'my_layout'

In this example, the setLayout() method is called within the myMethod() function. The setLayout() method takes the name of the layout view as its parameter. In this case, 'my_layout' is passed as the parameter to set the layout view to 'my_layout'.

By calling $this->viewBuilder()->setLayout('my_layout'), you are instructing CakePHP to use the specified layout view for the current request. Keep in mind that the layout view file should be located in the src/Template/Layout/ directory of your CakePHP application.

This allows you to dynamically change the layout view for a specific method within your CakePHP application.