Cakephp json response

CakePHP JSON Response

To send a JSON response in CakePHP, you can use the json_encode() function to convert your data into a JSON string, and then set the appropriate response headers. Here's an example:

public function myAction()
    // Your logic to fetch data and prepare the response
    $data = [
        'name' => 'John Doe',
        'age' => 30,
        'email' => '[email protected]'

    // Convert the data to JSON
    $json = json_encode($data);

    // Set the response headers
    $this->response = $this->response->withType('application/json');
    $this->response = $this->response->withStringBody($json);

    // Return the response
    return $this->response;

In this example, we first prepare the data that we want to send as a JSON response. Then, we use json_encode() to convert the data into a JSON string. Next, we set the response headers using $this->response->withType('application/json') to indicate that the response is in JSON format. Finally, we set the response body using $this->response->withStringBody($json).

Please note that this is just a basic example, and you may need to modify it based on your specific requirements.