CakeResque::enqueue is a method in the CakePHP framework that allows you to enqueue jobs for processing by a Resque worker. Resque is a Redis-backed library for creating background jobs, and CakePHP integrates with Resque through the CakeResque plugin.

To use CakeResque::enqueue, you need to have the CakeResque plugin installed and configured in your CakePHP application. Once you have the plugin set up, you can call the enqueue method to add jobs to the queue for processing.

The enqueue method takes two arguments: the name of the job and an array of data to pass to the job. The job name is typically a string that identifies the type of job you are enqueueing. The data array can contain any additional information that the job needs to perform its task.

Here's an example of how you can use CakeResque::enqueue:

use CakeResque\Resque\Resque;

// Enqueue a job
$data = [
    'user_id' => 1,
    'message' => 'Hello, world!'
Resque::enqueue('my_job', $data);

In this example, we enqueue a job with the name 'my_job' and pass it an array of data with a user ID and a message. The Resque worker will pick up this job from the queue and process it asynchronously.

You can define the actual logic for the job in a separate class that extends the CakeResque\Job class. This class should define a perform method that contains the code to be executed when the job is processed.

That's the basic usage of CakeResque::enqueue in CakePHP. It allows you to add background jobs to a queue for asynchronous processing using the Resque library.