how to use “find_in_set” in cakephp 3 find method

To use the "find_in_set" function in CakePHP 3's find method, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start by creating a query object using the find() method on your table object. For example: php $query = $this->YourTable->find();

  2. Use the where() method on the query object to specify the condition using the "find_in_set" function. The "find_in_set" function checks if a value exists in a comma-separated list. For example, if you want to find records where a specific value exists in a column called "your_column", you can use the following code: php $query->where(function ($exp, $q) { return $exp->like('FIND_IN_SET(:value, your_column)', ['value' => 'your_value']); });

Replace "your_column" with the name of your column and "your_value" with the value you want to search for.

  1. Finally, execute the query using the toArray() method to retrieve the results as an array. For example: php $results = $query->toArray();

The $results variable will contain the records that match the "find_in_set" condition.

That's it! You have now used the "find_in_set" function in CakePHP 3's find method.