access config variable in codeigniter controller

To access a config variable in a CodeIgniter controller, you can follow these steps:

  1. Load the Config library: The first step is to load the Config library in your controller. This library provides access to the configuration files in CodeIgniter.

php $this->load->library('config');

  1. Access the config variable: Once the Config library is loaded, you can access the config variable using the item() method. Pass the name of the config variable as a parameter to this method.

php $config_value = $this->config->item('config_variable_name');

Replace 'config_variable_name' with the actual name of the config variable you want to access.

  1. Use the config variable: Now that you have assigned the config variable to a variable in your controller, you can use it as needed in your code.

Here's an example that demonstrates these steps:

class MyController extends CI_Controller {
   public function myMethod() {
      $config_value = $this->config->item('config_variable_name');
      // Use the config variable
      echo $config_value;

Make sure to replace 'MyController', 'myMethod', and 'config_variable_name' with the appropriate names in your application.

That's it! You have now successfully accessed a config variable in a CodeIgniter controller.