codeigniter redirect

To redirect a user to a different page in CodeIgniter, you can use the redirect() function provided by the framework. Here are the steps to perform a redirect in CodeIgniter:

  1. Load the URL helper: Before using the redirect() function, you need to make sure that the URL helper is loaded. The URL helper provides various functions for working with URLs in CodeIgniter. To load the URL helper, you can use the following code in your controller:
  1. Use the redirect() function: Once the URL helper is loaded, you can use the redirect() function to perform the redirect. The redirect() function takes the URL of the destination page as its parameter. Here is an example of how to use the redirect() function:

In the above example, 'controller/method' is the URL of the page you want to redirect to. You can replace 'controller/method' with the appropriate URL for your application.

  1. Optional: Specify the redirect method: By default, the redirect() function performs a "302 Found" redirect. However, you can specify a different redirect method by passing it as the second parameter to the redirect() function. Here are the available redirect methods:

  2. 'auto': Performs a "302 Found" redirect if the user agent is a browser, or a "refresh" redirect if the user agent is not a browser.

  3. 'location': Performs a "302 Found" redirect.
  4. 'refresh': Performs a "refresh" redirect.
  5. 'refresh': Performs a "refresh" redirect.
  6. 'refresh': Performs a "refresh" redirect.

For example, to perform a "refresh" redirect, you can use the following code:

php redirect('controller/method', 'refresh');

Note that the 'refresh' method can be useful when you want to redirect to a URL that performs some action and then redirects back to the original page.

And that's it! This is how you can perform a redirect in CodeIgniter using the redirect() function. Make sure to load the URL helper and specify the URL of the destination page. Optionally, you can also specify the redirect method if needed.