example code codeigniter seeders

Sure, here is an example of how to create seeders in CodeIgniter:

// Sample Seeder for CodeIgniter

class SampleSeeder extends Seeder {

    public function run()
        $data = [
            'title' => 'Sample Title',
            'description' => 'This is a sample description'

        // Insert data into the database
        $this->db->insert('sample_table', $data);

Explanation: 1. Create a file for your seeder, for example "SampleSeeder.php". 2. Use the Seeder class to extend your seeder class. 3. Define a run() method inside your seeder class. This method will contain the code to insert data into the database. 4. Define the data you want to insert into your database in the $data array. 5. Use the $this->db->insert() method to insert the data into the specified table in the database. 6. Replace 'sample_table' with the name of the table you want to insert data into. 7. Save the seeder file in the appropriate directory in your CodeIgniter application.