codeigniter 4 radio button isset

To check if a radio button is set in CodeIgniter 4, you can follow these steps:

  1. Get the form input data: In your controller method, use the $this->request->getPost() method to retrieve the input data from your form. This method returns an array of all the form inputs.

  2. Check if the radio button is set: Use the isset() function to check if the radio button input exists in the array of form inputs. You can pass the name attribute of the radio button as the key to the isset() function.

  3. Perform the desired action: If the radio button is set, you can perform the desired action, such as saving the input to a database or displaying a message to the user.

Here's an example code snippet that demonstrates these steps:

// Controller method
public function submitForm()
    $formData = $this->request->getPost(); // Step 1

    if (isset($formData['radio_button'])) { // Step 2
        // Radio button is set
        // Perform the desired action here
    } else {
        // Radio button is not set
        // Perform a different action here if needed

In this example, $formData['radio_button'] is used to check if the radio button with the name attribute "radio_button" is set. You can replace "radio_button" with the actual name attribute of your radio button.

Remember to replace the comments in the code snippet with the appropriate code for your specific use case.