CODEIGNITER codeigniter 4 auth

Step 1: Install CodeIgniter 4 - Download and install Composer - Open a terminal and run the following command to create a new CodeIgniter 4 project: composer create-project codeigniter4/appstarter AuthProject

Step 2: Set Up the Database - Open the .env file in the project root and set the database connection details

Step 3: Create a User Model - Create a new file in app/Models named UserModel.php - Define the user properties and set the table name

Step 4: Create a User Controller - Create a new file in app/Controllers named UserController.php - Define methods for user registration, login, and logout

Step 5: Create Views for User Authentication - Create the necessary view files for user registration, login, and dashboard

Step 6: Implement User Registration - Add a registration form in the registration view - Handle the form submission in the UserController and save the user data in the database

Step 7: Implement User Login - Add a login form in the login view - Validate the login credentials in the UserController and set the user session

Step 8: Implement User Logout - Add a logout method in the UserController to destroy the user session

Step 9: Access Control - Implement access control to restrict certain pages to authenticated users - Use the session helper to check for user authentication in the UserController

Step 10: Testing - Test the user registration, login, and access control functionalities to ensure everything works as expected