codeigniter sms send

To send an SMS using CodeIgniter, you can follow these steps:

  1. Load the SMS library: CodeIgniter provides a built-in library called "SMS" for sending SMS messages. To use this library, you need to load it in your controller or model. You can do this by using the $this->load->library('sms'); function.

  2. Set up the SMS configuration: Before sending an SMS, you need to configure the SMS library with your SMS gateway provider's credentials and other settings. You can do this by creating a configuration file or by directly setting the configuration in your code. The configuration typically includes details such as the SMS gateway URL, username, password, and other parameters specific to your SMS provider. For example:

$config['sms_gateway_url'] = '';
$config['sms_username'] = 'your-username';
$config['sms_password'] = 'your-password';
  1. Initialize the SMS library: After setting up the configuration, you need to initialize the SMS library. You can do this by calling the $this->sms->initialize($config); function. This will load the configuration settings into the SMS library.

  2. Prepare the SMS data: Before sending the SMS, you need to prepare the data for the SMS message. This typically includes the recipient's phone number and the message content. You can set these values using the $this->sms->setPhoneNumber($phone_number); and $this->sms->setMessage($message); functions respectively.

  3. Send the SMS: Once the SMS data is prepared, you can send the SMS using the $this->sms->send(); function. This will initiate the SMS sending process and communicate with the SMS gateway provider's API to send the SMS message.

  4. Handle the response: After sending the SMS, you can handle the response from the SMS gateway provider. The response usually contains information about whether the SMS was sent successfully or if there was an error. You can use the response to display a success message or to handle any errors that may have occurred during the SMS sending process.

That's it! By following these steps, you can send an SMS using CodeIgniter. Remember to replace the placeholder values (e.g.,, your-username, your-password) with the actual values provided by your SMS gateway provider.