export data to excel in codeigniter using phpexcel

Step 1: Install PHPExcel Library You need to download PHPExcel library and include it in your CodeIgniter application. You can either download it from the official GitHub repository or use Composer to install it.

Step 2: Create a Controller Method for Exporting Data Create a method in your CodeIgniter controller that will handle the export functionality. Inside this method, you will retrieve the data that you want to export to excel.

Step 3: Load PHPExcel Library Inside your controller method, load the PHPExcel library and create a new PHPExcel object.

Step 4: Set Excel Properties Set the properties of the PHPExcel object such as document title, creator, and description.

Step 5: Set Excel Data Populate the PHPExcel object with the data that you want to export to excel. This may include adding headers and looping through your data to add the relevant rows.

Step 6: Set Header Information Set the content type and headers for the exported file to be recognized as an Excel file.

Step 7: Save the Excel File Save the PHPExcel object as an Excel file and provide it for download or storage.

Step 8: Handle Error and Exception Handle any errors or exceptions that may occur during the export process and provide appropriate feedback to the user.