fetch method and class in codeigniter

CodeIgniter: Fetch Method and Class

The fetch method in CodeIgniter is used to retrieve a single row from the result set returned by a query. It is commonly used when you expect only one row to be returned from the database.

Explanation: 1. Load the Database Library: Before using the fetch method, you need to load the CodeIgniter database library using the following code: php $this->load->database();

  1. Execute the Query: After loading the database library, you can execute a query using CodeIgniter's query builder or by writing custom SQL. For example: php $query = $this->db->get('my_table');

  2. Use the Fetch Method: Once the query is executed, you can use the fetch method to retrieve a single row from the result set. For example: php $row = $query->fetch();

  3. Accessing Data: After fetching the row, you can access the data using the column names. For example: php $name = $row->name; $email = $row->email;

The fetch method simplifies the process of retrieving a single row from the database result set and allows for easy access to the data within the row.