Restart the computer in c++ after the default time (30) seconds. (Windows)

To restart a computer in C++ after a default time of 30 seconds on Windows, you can use the system() function to execute the appropriate command. Here are the steps to achieve this:

  1. Include the necessary header file: #include <cstdlib>

  2. Use the system() function to execute the command to restart the computer. The command for restarting a Windows computer is "shutdown /r /t 30". The /r flag indicates a restart, and the /t 30 flag specifies a delay of 30 seconds before the restart.

  3. Call the system() function with the appropriate command as the argument: system("shutdown /r /t 30");

That's it! When this code is executed, the computer will restart after a delay of 30 seconds.

Note: The system() function is a simple way to execute commands, but it has some limitations and potential security risks. It's recommended to use more robust methods for system operations in production code.