C++ Converting Celsius to Kelvin

To convert Celsius to Kelvin in C++, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Declare the variables: First, you need to declare the variables for the input (Celsius) and the output (Kelvin). For example: cpp double celsius, kelvin;

  2. Take user input: Use the cin function to take input from the user and store it in the celsius variable. For example: cpp cout << "Enter temperature in Celsius: "; cin >> celsius;

  3. Convert Celsius to Kelvin: To convert Celsius to Kelvin, you need to add 273.15 to the Celsius temperature. For example: cpp kelvin = celsius + 273.15;

  4. Display the result: Use the cout function to display the converted temperature in Kelvin. For example: cpp cout << "Temperature in Kelvin: " << kelvin << endl;

And that's it! The program will now take the input from the user in Celsius, convert it to Kelvin, and display the result.