arduino bleutooth module hc-05 with led

  1. Connect the HC-05 Bluetooth module to the Arduino board using jumper wires, ensuring that the VCC pin of the HC-05 is connected to the 5V pin of the Arduino, the GND pin to the GND pin, the RX pin to pin 10, and the TX pin to pin 11.

  2. Connect an LED to pin 13 of the Arduino board using a current-limiting resistor to limit the current flowing through the LED.

  3. Write a sketch in the Arduino IDE that includes the SoftwareSerial library to communicate with the HC-05 module and defines the RX and TX pins as per the connections made in step 1.

  4. Initialize the Bluetooth module by sending AT commands to set it to the desired communication settings, such as baud rate and device name.

  5. Set up the LED pin as an output in the Arduino sketch using the pinMode function.

  6. Use the BluetoothSerial library to establish a connection between the Arduino and a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone or computer.

  7. In the Arduino sketch, write code to read data from the Bluetooth connection and control the LED based on the received data, for example, turning the LED on when receiving '1' and off when receiving '0'.

  8. Upload the sketch to the Arduino board and power it up.

  9. Pair the Bluetooth module with the target device and test the communication by sending commands to control the LED.