how to use and in c++

#include <iostream>

int main() {
    // Step 1: Include the necessary header file for input and output operations
    //          in C++.
    #include <iostream>

    // Step 2: Declare the main function, which serves as the entry point
    //          for the program.
    int main() {

        // Step 3: Use the 'std' namespace to simplify the use of standard
        //          C++ functions and objects.
        using namespace std;

        // Step 4: Declare variables or objects as needed for your program.

        // Step 5: Implement the program logic within the main function.

        // Step 6: Use the 'cout' stream to display output to the console.
        cout << "Hello, World!" << endl;

        // Step 7: Return a value from the main function (typically 0) to
        //          indicate successful execution.
        return 0;