cpprestsdk send file

To send a file using cpprestsdk in C++, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Include the necessary header files: cpp #include <cpprest/http_client.h> #include <cpprest/filestream.h>

  2. Create an instance of the http_client class: cpp web::http::client::http_client client(U("http://example.com"));

  3. Open the file you want to send: cpp concurrency::streams::fstream fileStream; fileStream.open_istream(U("path/to/file.txt")).then([=](concurrency::streams::istream stream) { // File opened successfully });

  4. Create an HTTP request and set the method and content type: cpp web::http::http_request request(web::http::methods::POST); request.headers().set_content_type(U("multipart/form-data"));

  5. Attach the file stream to the request: cpp request.set_body(stream, U("multipart/form-data"));

  6. Send the request using the client: cpp client.request(request).then([=](web::http::http_response response) { // Request sent successfully });

  7. Handle the response if needed: cpp response.extract_string().then([=](utility::string_t responseString) { // Handle the response string });

Make sure to replace "http://example.com" with the actual URL of the server you want to send the file to, and "path/to/file.txt" with the actual path and filename of the file you want to send.