_ZNSolsEi is a mangled name representing a C++ symbol. It appears to be a mangled name for a member function or operator. The components of the mangled name can be broken down as follows:

  • _Z: The underscore followed by Z is a common prefix in C++ symbol mangling.

  • N: Indicates that the following name is nested.

  • S: Indicates that the following name is a scope specifier.

  • ols: Represents the characters "ols" in the original symbol.

  • E: Indicates the end of the name.

  • i: Represents the type of the argument, in this case, an integer (int).

So, the mangled name _ZNSolsEi suggests a nested scope, possibly a member function, with a name containing "ols" and taking an integer argument. The original unmangled name and its associated class or context would be required to provide a more accurate interpretation.