strip whitespace c++

To strip whitespace in C++, you can use the erase and remove_if functions from the <algorithm> library. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Include the necessary header files:
#include <algorithm> // for remove_if
#include <cctype>    // for isspace
  1. Create a string variable and assign the string you want to strip whitespace from:
std::string str = "  Hello,   World!   ";
  1. Use the erase and remove_if functions to strip whitespace:
str.erase(std::remove_if(str.begin(), str.end(), ::isspace), str.end());

Explanation for each step:

Step 1: The <algorithm> library provides various algorithms to manipulate and modify sequences of elements, while the <cctype> library provides functions to work with characters, such as checking if a character is whitespace (isspace).

Step 2: Create a string variable str and assign it the string you want to strip whitespace from. In this example, the string is " Hello, World! ".

Step 3: The std::remove_if function removes elements from a sequence based on a condition. In this case, we want to remove all whitespace characters from the string. The ::isspace function is used as the condition, which checks if a character is whitespace. The std::erase function then erases the elements from str that were removed by std::remove_if.

After these steps, the string str will be modified to "Hello,World!" with all whitespace characters removed.