libevent parse multipart formdata

Using libevent to Parse Multipart Form Data in C++

To parse multipart form data using libevent in C++, you can follow these steps:

  1. Initialize libevent: Start by initializing libevent using the event_init function to set up the event library.

  2. Create a HTTP server: Use the evhttp_start function to create an HTTP server to handle incoming requests.

  3. Set a callback for request handling: Define a callback function to handle incoming requests. This function will be responsible for parsing the multipart form data.

  4. Parse multipart data in the request handler: Within the request handling callback, use the evhttp_parse_query_str function to parse the multipart form data from the incoming request.

  5. Process the form data: Once the multipart form data has been parsed, process the form data as needed for your application.

  6. Send a response: After processing the form data, send an appropriate response back to the client using the evhttp_send_reply function.

By following these steps, you can use libevent to parse multipart form data in C++ and handle incoming requests effectively.