find substring after character

Code Example:

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

int main() {
    std::string str = "Hello, World!";
    size_t pos = str.find(",");
    if (pos != std::string::npos) {
        std::string substr = str.substr(pos + 1);
        std::cout << "Substring after comma: " << substr << std::endl;
    return 0;


  • Include the necessary header files for input/output and string manipulation.
  • Define the main function as the entry point of the program.
  • Create a string variable "str" and initialize it with the value "Hello, World!".
  • Use the find method of the string class to locate the position of the comma within the string. If the comma is found, store its position in the variable "pos".
  • Check if the comma is found by comparing the position with std::string::npos, which indicates "not found".
  • If the comma is found, use the substr method to extract the substring starting from the position after the comma.
  • Output the extracted substring after the comma to the console.
  • Return 0 to indicate successful program execution.