C++ Infinite while loop

Sure! Here is an example of an infinite while loop in C++:

while (true) {
    // Code statements

Explanation of each step:

  1. The while keyword is used to create a loop in C++. It is followed by a condition inside parentheses (). In this case, the condition is true, which means the loop will continue indefinitely.

  2. The opening curly brace { indicates the start of the loop body. The code statements inside the loop will be executed repeatedly as long as the condition is true.

  3. Inside the loop body, you can include any valid C++ code statements. These statements will be executed repeatedly until the loop is terminated.

  4. The closing curly brace } marks the end of the loop body. After executing the code statements in the loop body, the program will return to the beginning of the loop and re-evaluate the condition. Since the condition is true, the loop will continue to execute indefinitely.

It's important to note that an infinite loop can cause a program to become unresponsive or consume excessive resources. Therefore, it's important to include appropriate exit conditions or break statements within the loop to ensure it can be terminated when necessary.