what is the default include path in ubuntu c++

The default include path in Ubuntu for C++ is as follows:

  1. /usr/include/c++
  2. This directory contains the standard C++ header files provided by the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). It includes subdirectories for different C++ standard library versions and configurations.

  3. /usr/include/c++/<version>

  4. The specific version directory contains headers for the chosen C++ standard version, such as "4.8," "5," "7," etc.

  5. /usr/include/c++/<version>/<arch>

  6. The architecture-specific directory further organizes the headers based on the target architecture, such as "x86_64-linux-gnu" for 64-bit systems.

  7. /usr/local/include

  8. This directory is a common location for locally installed header files. Users or administrators can place their custom or third-party header files here.

  9. /usr/include

  10. The general include directory for system-wide header files that are not C++ specific.

These paths collectively provide the necessary header files for C++ development on a typical Ubuntu system.