Linking OpenCV with cmake . Adding the installation prefix of "OpenCV" to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH doesn't work

Explanation for Linking OpenCV with CMake in C++

  1. Set OpenCV_DIR Environment Variable

  2. Set the OpenCV_DIR environment variable to the directory where OpenCVConfig.cmake is located.

  3. This helps CMake find the OpenCV installation.

  4. Find Package OpenCV in CMakeLists.txt

  5. In your CMakeLists.txt file, use the find_package command to locate the OpenCV package.

  6. This command looks for OpenCVConfig.cmake and sets up the necessary variables.

  7. Include OpenCV Libraries in Target Link Libraries

  8. Use the target_link_libraries command to link the OpenCV libraries to your project.

  9. Specify the target (your executable or library) and the OpenCV libraries to link against.


  11. If setting the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH doesn't work, ensure that the path to the OpenCV installation is correct.

  12. Verify that the OpenCV installation is in the specified prefix path.

  13. Verify OpenCV Installation

  14. Double-check that OpenCV is properly installed on your system.

  15. Ensure that the OpenCV libraries and headers are present in the specified installation prefix.

  16. Check CMake Output

  17. Review the CMake output for any errors or warnings related to finding the OpenCV package.

  18. Look for messages indicating whether OpenCV was found and linked correctly.

By following these steps, you can successfully link OpenCV with CMake in your C++ project.