delphi array

To declare an array in Delphi, you can use the following syntax:

  myArray: array[indexType] of dataType;

Replace myArray with the desired name of your array. indexType represents the data type of the array's index, and dataType represents the data type of the elements in the array.

To access individual elements in the array, you can use the following syntax:

myArray[index] := value; // Assign a value to an element
value := myArray[index]; // Retrieve the value of an element

Replace index with the desired index of the element you want to access or modify. Note that array indices in Delphi start from 0.

You can also use loops to iterate over the elements of an array. For example, a for loop can be used as follows:

for i := 0 to high(myArray) do
  // Access or modify myArray[i] here

In this loop, i represents the current index being iterated over. high(myArray) returns the highest index in the array.

To dynamically resize an array in Delphi, you can use the SetLength procedure. For example:

SetLength(myArray, newSize);

Replace newSize with the desired size of the array.

Remember to include the System unit in your Delphi code if it's not already included. This unit provides the necessary types and procedures for working with arrays in Delphi.

I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.