INSERT into syntax error in delphi

In Delphi, the INSERT INTO statement is used to insert data into a table in a database. If you are encountering a syntax error while using the INSERT INTO statement, there are a few common reasons why this might occur. Here are some possible causes and solutions:

  1. Incorrect Syntax: Ensure that you are using the correct syntax for the INSERT INTO statement. The basic syntax is as follows:
INSERT INTO TableName (Column1, Column2, ...) VALUES (Value1, Value2, ...)

Make sure you have specified the table name and columns correctly, and that you provide the corresponding values for each column.

  1. Missing or Incorrect Data Types: Verify that the data types of the values you are inserting match the data types of the corresponding columns in the table. If there is a mismatch, you may encounter a syntax error. For example, if a column expects a numeric value but you provide a string, it can cause an error.

  2. Missing or Incorrect Quotation Marks: If you are inserting string values, make sure you enclose them in single quotes (''). For example:

INSERT INTO TableName (Name) VALUES ('John')

If you forget to include the quotation marks or use the wrong type of quotation marks, it can result in a syntax error.

  1. Reserved Words or Special Characters: Check if any of the column names or values you are inserting contain reserved words or special characters. If they do, you may need to use square brackets ([ ]) or double quotation marks (") to escape them. For example:
INSERT INTO TableName ([Name], [Order]) VALUES ('John', '123')

By addressing these common issues, you should be able to resolve the syntax error you are encountering with the INSERT INTO statement in Delphi.