set vfat label

To set the VFAT label in Delphi, you can use the SetVolumeLabel function from the SysUtils unit. Here is an example of how to do it:


function SetVFATLabel(const Drive: string; const LabelName: string): Boolean;
  Result := SetVolumeLabel(PChar(Drive), PChar(LabelName));

In the above code, the SetVFATLabel function takes two parameters: Drive and LabelName. The Drive parameter specifies the drive letter or UNC path of the volume for which you want to set the label. The LabelName parameter is the new label that you want to set.

The SetVolumeLabel function sets the label of the specified volume. It returns True if the label is set successfully, and False otherwise.

To use the SetVFATLabel function, you can call it like this:

if SetVFATLabel('C:\', 'NewLabel') then
  ShowMessage('Label set successfully')
  ShowMessage('Failed to set label');

In the above example, we are setting the label of the C drive to "NewLabel". If the label is set successfully, a message box with the text "Label set successfully" will be displayed. If setting the label fails, a message box with the text "Failed to set label" will be displayed.