Creating a funstion in Delphi

Sure, I can provide you with a function example in Delphi without any extra personal sentences. Here's an example of a function in Delphi:

function AddNumbers(num1, num2: Integer): Integer;
  Result := num1 + num2;

This function is called "AddNumbers" and it takes two integer parameters, "num1" and "num2". It calculates the sum of the two numbers and returns the result as an integer using the "Result" keyword.

You can use this function in your Delphi code like this:

  sum: Integer;
  sum := AddNumbers(5, 10);
  // Now the variable "sum" will contain the value 15

In this example, we call the "AddNumbers" function with the arguments 5 and 10. The returned value, 15, is then stored in the variable "sum".

That's how you can create and use a function in Delphi. Let me know if you have any further questions.