mongoose schema type double

In Delphi, the mongoose schema type "double" is not a built-in data type. The mongoose library is primarily used for interacting with MongoDB databases in JavaScript, and it does not have direct support for Delphi.

However, in Delphi, you can use the TFloatField class to represent a double precision floating-point number in a dataset. Here's an example of how you can define a TFloatField in Delphi:

  MyFloatField: TFloatField;
  MyFloatField := TFloatField.Create(nil);
  MyFloatField.FieldName := 'MyField';
  MyFloatField.DataSet := MyDataSet;
  MyFloatField.DisplayFormat := '#0.00'; // Optional formatting

You can then use the MyFloatField to store and retrieve double precision floating-point values in your dataset.