how to create migrations in django

To create migrations in Django, follow these steps:

  1. Make Changes to Models: Modify your Django models in the app's file to reflect the desired changes, such as adding new fields, altering existing ones, or creating new models.

  2. Generate Migrations: Run the following command in the terminal or command prompt, replacing app_name with the actual name of your app: bash python makemigrations app_name This command analyzes the changes made to the models and creates migration files in the app's migrations directory.

  3. Review Generated Migrations: Check the generated migration files in the migrations directory. Each file represents a database schema modification that will be applied when the migrations are run.

  4. Apply Migrations: Execute the following command to apply the migrations to the database: bash python migrate This command runs all pending migrations and updates the database schema to match the changes made in the models.

By following these steps, you can create and apply migrations in Django to manage changes in your database schema efficiently.