django many to many post update method via rest

  1. First, import the necessary modules in your Django file:
  2. from rest_framework.decorators import api_view
  3. from rest_framework.response import Response
  4. from .models import Post, Tag

  5. Define a function for updating the many-to-many relationship between the Post and Tag models:

  6. @api_view(['PUT'])
  7. def update_post_tags(request, post_id):

  8. Retrieve the Post object based on the provided post_id:

  9. post = Post.objects.get(id=post_id)

  10. Get the list of Tag IDs from the request data:

  11. tag_ids ='tag_ids', [])

  12. Clear all existing tags related to the Post:

  13. post.tags.clear()

  14. Iterate through the provided tag_ids list and add each tag to the Post object:

  15. for tag_id in tag_ids:

    • tag = Tag.objects.get(id=tag_id)
    • post.tags.add(tag)
  16. Save the updated Post object:


  18. Return a success response indicating that the update was successful:

  19. return Response({'message': 'Post tags updated successfully'})

Note: Make sure to configure your URL routing to map the update_post_tags function to the desired endpoint.