django queryset last 10

To retrieve the last 10 objects from a Django queryset, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start by importing the model you want to query. For example, if you want to query a model called "MyModel", you would write: python from myapp.models import MyModel

  2. Then, use the objects attribute of the model to access the queryset manager. This allows you to perform queries on the model. For example: python my_queryset = MyModel.objects

  3. Next, you can use the order_by() method to specify the ordering of the queryset. To retrieve the last 10 objects, you would typically order the queryset in descending order based on a field that represents the order. For example, if you have a field called "created_at" that represents the creation time of the objects, you would write: python my_queryset = my_queryset.order_by('-created_at')

  4. Finally, you can use the [:10] slicing notation to retrieve the last 10 objects from the ordered queryset. This will return a list-like object containing the desired objects. For example: python last_10_objects = my_queryset[:10]

By following these steps, you can retrieve the last 10 objects from a Django queryset.