from django.conf.urls import url ImportError: cannot import name 'url' from 'django.conf.urls'

This error typically occurs when there's a mismatch in the version of Django being used. The url function used to be a part of earlier versions of Django but was deprecated in favor of path and re_path in Django 2.0 and later.

To resolve this:

  1. Check Django Version: Ensure you are using Django version 2.0 or higher.

  2. Replace url with path or re_path: In your code, replace instances where url is used in files with path or re_path. For example:

Replace: python from django.conf.urls import url with: python from django.urls import path, re_path

Then replace: python url(r'^some-url/$', some_view), with: python re_path(r'^some-url/$', some_view), or python path('some-url/', some_view),

Adjust other instances accordingly, depending on the use of the url function in your code.

  1. Verify Imports: Ensure that all import statements related to URL routing in your Django application point to the correct location based on the Django version being used.

  2. Update Documentation: Refer to the Django documentation corresponding to your Django version to ensure you're using the correct URL routing methods.

  3. Test: After making these changes, test your Django application to ensure that the URL routing works as intended without any import errors related to url.