Drupal config_readonly

The config_readonly setting in Drupal allows you to make your configuration files read-only, preventing any changes from being made through the Drupal administrative interface. This can be useful in situations where you want to ensure that the configuration remains consistent and is not accidentally modified.

To enable the config_readonly setting in Drupal, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open your Drupal site's settings.php file, which is located in the sites/default directory.
  2. Look for the line that starts with $settings['config_readonly'] =.
  3. If the line exists, make sure it is set to TRUE to enable read-only mode. If the line doesn't exist, add the following line to the file: $settings['config_readonly'] = TRUE;
  4. Save the settings.php file.

By enabling the config_readonly setting, you can ensure that your Drupal configuration files are protected from accidental modifications. This can be particularly useful in production environments where you want to maintain a stable and consistent configuration.

Please note that the above instructions are based on general knowledge of Drupal and may not be specific to your particular version or setup. It's always a good idea to consult the official Drupal documentation or seek assistance from the Drupal community for more specific guidance.