elixir string to date

To convert a string to a date in Elixir, you can use the DateTime.from_iso8601/1 function from the DateTime module. This function expects the string to be in the ISO 8601 format, which is the standard format for representing dates and times.

Here's an example:

date_string = "2023-11-29T12:34:56Z"
{:ok, datetime} = DateTime.from_iso8601(date_string)

In the above example, date_string is a string representing a date and time in ISO 8601 format. The DateTime.from_iso8601/1 function is used to convert this string to a DateTime struct. The function returns a tuple {:ok, datetime} where datetime is the converted date and time in the form of a DateTime struct.

If the string does not match the expected format, the function will return {:error, reason} where reason is a string describing the error.

That's it! You have now converted a string to a date using Elixir.