Conditionally add members to an object

To conditionally add members to an object in Ember, you can make use of computed properties or methods. Here's an example:

import Ember from 'ember';

export default Ember.Component.extend({
  // Define the initial object
  myObject: Ember.Object.create({
    // existing properties
    property1: 'value1',
    property2: 'value2'

  // Computed property to add members conditionally
  conditionalMembers: Ember.computed('myObject', function() {
    let object = this.get('myObject');

    if (object.get('property1') === 'value1') {
      // Add member1 to the object
      object.set('member1', 'value1');
    } else {
      // Add member2 to the object
      object.set('member2', 'value2');

    // Return the modified object
    return object;

In this example, we have an Ember component with an initial object called myObject that has two existing properties: property1 and property2. We then define a computed property called conditionalMembers that depends on myObject.

Inside the computed property, we retrieve the myObject using this.get('myObject'). We then check the value of property1 and conditionally add a new member (member1 or member2) to the object based on the condition.

Finally, we return the modified myObject from the computed property. Now, whenever myObject or property1 changes, Ember will automatically recalculate the conditionalMembers computed property and update the object accordingly.

This approach allows you to dynamically add members to an object based on certain conditions in Ember.